Larissa McCarty

YouTube 101

This walk-through tutorial includes, naming your channel, setting up your playlists, adding a channel description, creating upload defaults, setting up your branding watermark...and more!

Jamilah Corbitt

How to Create Money Making Content

Jamilah Corbitt breaks down how to create sizzling content that appeals to your target audience and converts them into paying customers.

i am a brand® Featured Experts

Growing Your Influence & Business

Our experts reveal how to blow your competition out of the water and attract new customers by mastering key areas of online activity.

Dallas Gordon

eCommerce 101

Make more money online by selling your products with step-by-step instructions from the eComm Cash Queen.

i am a brand® Featured Experts

Social Media & Technology

Get a grip on the fundamentals of social media and technology from our expert contributors. Perfect for the non-tech savvy person.

Jamilah Corbitt

Influence to Profit Mini-Course

This mini-course has helped hundreds of people shift into profitability with specific strategies to build authority and land more clients on social media.