Influence to Profit Mini-Course

A 4-Day Bootcamp to help explode your sales | taught by Jamilah Corbitt
  • 5 Videos
  • 6 PDFs
  • 5.0 hrs

Course description

This mini-course has helped hundreds of people shift into profitability with specific strategies to build authority and land more clients on social media. The videos are entertaining yet educational, and the downloadable worksheets helps hammer the information home.

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Jamilah Corbitt
Jamilah Corbitt
Founder of i am a brand®

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur and brand strategist for 5 years, helping people monetize their authenticity and expertise.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients spanning across multiple verticals, consulting entrepreneurs and career professionals on how to increase their influence which resulted in a skyrocket of bottom line revenue dollars for their companies.

As someone who's quadrupled her own influence and revenue over the past year and a half by contributing to sites like The Huffington Post, and livestreaming on platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live, I teach entrepreneurs and career professionals how to do the same.